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  • OTEAcademy celebrates the first annual Customer Experience Day!

Our workshop

Our workshop

ΟΤΕΑcademy introduces the workshop, an innovative adult training approach with a systematic and interactive character.

Main features of the OTEAcademy Workshop:

  • Comprehensive training program of individual units, lasting up to 6 months in total
  • Interval between unit conduct: 15 up to 40 days
  • Repetition of main points of each unit
  • Variety of learning methods and practical experience
  • Assessment at the end of each unit and at the end of the program
  • Possible feedback by trainees
  • Use of the OneIn4 tool
  • Workshop realization near the trainees’ workplace
  • Enhancement of the customer value and corporate values

Main workshop benefits for the company and the customer

  • Systematic acquisition of knowledge
  • Development of teamwork
  • Focus on critical corporate issues through systematic repetition
  • Avoidance of long employee absence
  • Reduction of transfer costs

Main benefits for the trainee

  • Deriving enjoyment from the interactive realization of practices and methods
  • Acquiring knowledge and improving skills through shared experience among trainees
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