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PDU Category Structure Update

The old PDU categories were quite confusing with 18 categories and numerous limits and exclusions. The new process reduces these 18 categories down to just 6 and greatly simplifies the process. The two major categories are:

  • Education
  • Giving Back to the Profession

Education – This includes things like courses, but also reading project management books, and watching podcasts, videos and webinars. It also covers things you may not be aware of such as formal discussions with colleagues and co-workers about project management and being mentored by colleagues and co-workers.

Giving back to the profession – This is a lesser utilized group of categories that can account for a full 45 PDUs from the 60 total you need for a PMP® or PgMP® credential. You can earn PDUs for authoring or co-authoring relevant articles, newsletters and blog posts along with presenting webinars, podcasts, presentations, panel discussions etc.

You can also claim PDUs under the “Giving back…” category for any volunteer work like assisting at PMI® events or even undertaking project management type activities in a community or charitable group.

So since research has shown that people did not fully understand the PDU categories and how to appropriately report their PDU’s using that structure, PMI® made the structure more user-friendly and better serve for certification holders.

Overview of changes to the PDU category structure for your information:

  • CCR category structure has been simplified, thereby reducing the number of categories from 18 to 6
  • All categories use the rule that one hour of learning activity is equivalent to one PDU
  • Categories have been expanded to include Web 2.0 learning opportunities
  • There will be limits on certain categories to require that all credential holders pursue project management continuing education as part of maintaining their credential

It is also important to note what is not changing in the program:

  • The three-year renewal cycle and number of PDU’s required to maintain the credential will remain the same
  • The re-certification fee structure will remain the same

For more detailed information, access these documents:
Compare new to old categories

Read the Frequently Asked Questions document

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