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Our training

Our training
OTEAcademy – Become better, live better

OTEAcademy, a member of the OTE Group of companies, focuses on the development of human resources by offering innovative and exclusive training services.
Its goal is that the professional, through continuing and systematic learning, is becoming better and living better.
The training offered by OTEAcademy leads employees to increased:

  • job satisfaction
  • enthusiasm over their development
  • effectiveness
  • willingness to strive for the implementation of strategic corporate goals

The programs are adapted to the values of the customers, so as to:

  • reflect their culture
  • live up to the expectations, ambitions, and needs of human resources

In this way, ΟΤΕΑcademy contributes to:

  • the development of employees, improving both their personal and professional life
  • the achievement of corporate goals
  • the establishment of a competitive business
  • the transformation of company values into values for the customer

OTEAcademy – Person-centered training
OΤΕΑcademy programs aim at constituting a significant tool of regular and systematic training for the most valuable asset of your company, the human capital.
The training process is focused on:

  • putting emphasis on trainees and their needs
  • cultivating a positive attitude towards training and education
  • helping trainees discover the advantages of continuing learning
  • rendering learning pleasant and productive, for both the trainee and the company

This process results in the trainees:

  • acquiring the essential skills so as to transform knowledge into practice, promptly and effectively
  • filling in the gaps in their knowledge
  • staying updated on the latest developments
  • coping with the challenges of life, not as mere spectators but as true protagonists
  • handling their life better, both personally and professionally
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