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  • OTEAcademy celebrates the first annual Customer Experience Day!

Our system


We regard training as a structure founded on your values

At OTEAcademy we believe that training, irrespective of field or trainee level, must be a solid structure which:

  • is based on the values of the company
  • is topped by the values of the customer
  • with the values of the company connecting with the values of the customer via thematic pillars, that is our training programs

The 7 pillars of training

At OTEAcademy we firmly believe that the ideal way to combine the values of the company with the values of the customer is through the seven pillars of training, using our exclusive OneIn4®system. The pillars are:

Telecommunications: Technical issues, telecom business management, telco technologies.
Sales: Comprehensive solutions of sales development in all channels (from B2B to Telesales).
IT: Information systems and technologies.
Retailing: Comprehensive programs on all modern tools for the retail store network market.
Management: Programs on project management, management skills, leadership, finance, strategy, soft skills, etc.
Certifications: A series of certifications by international educational organizations / institutes (Pearson VUE, Prometric).
Special Issues: Specialized programs based on and customized to the needs of the customer (ad hoc).

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