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  • OTEAcademy celebrates the first annual Customer Experience Day!

Our philosophy


Proper training ensures not only enthusiasm on the part of the trainee, but also achievement of corporate goals

OTEAcademy develops innovative programs that bring trainees closer to their work by utilizing a unique training tool, the OneIn4®, a registered mark of OTEAcademy. This system guarantees effective training and results in:

  • the satisfaction of the trainee
  • the establishment of conditions for a better quality of life
  • the enthusiasm over newly acquired skills

In this way, it is ensured that the employee will strive for the growth of the company and the achievement of its goals.
The OneIn4®, a valuable training and development tool, is applied in all OTEAcademy programs and balances the trainees’ relationship with their work, company, competition and customers.

In detail:

  • My work and I: the employee transforms knowledge into daily practice, feels satisfied with the outcome and becomes more effective.
  • My company and I: the employee is better aware of the strategy, values and goals of the company and contributes to their realization.
  • My competition and I: the employee weighs the advantages and disadvantages of competition and uses them to the benefit of the company.
  • My customer and I: the employee better understands the significance and the values of the customer and adapts them to the values of the company
  • Systematic training enhances effectiveness

    The innovative programs of OTEAcademy:

    • support systematic and continuing learning, so that the trainee is becoming better and more effective
    • are designed based on corporate strategy, trends and developments of the market
    • are based on lasting enthusiasm
    • improve and maximize effectiveness and efficiency of employees in continuing training
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