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  • OTEAcademy celebrates the first annual Customer Experience Day!

Our method


Short and regular training courses for maximum efficiency

OTEAcademy programs take place based on an utterly unique method that sets new standards in the field of professional training, since:

  • it utilizes the unique OneIn4® training tool, a registered mark of OTEAcademy, which guarantees effective training
  • it replaces lengthy programs with one-day workshops that take place at regular intervals, 3-5 times a year, depending on the needs and the level of the trainees
  • it does not disturb the operation of the company
  • it maintains the participants’ enthusiasm at high levels
  • εξασφαλίζει την μεγαλύτερη και καλύτερη απόδοση
  • It ensures maximum efficiency
  • it is the most cost-effective choice, given that OTEAcademy undertakes administrative and logistic support
  • it is innovative, as OTEAcademy executives can visit you at your workplace, anywhere in Greece and abroad
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