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  • OTEAcademy celebrates the first annual Customer Experience Day!

Our approach


We will visit you on a regular basis so as listen to your needs

For the first time in Greece, OTEAcademy establishes the system of regular visits, taking into account the company’s internal operations and chain of command.

Our goal is that the visits of top OTEAcademy executives are creative and productive through a continuous exchange of information, so that we will be able to:

  • foresee your needs and always stay one step ahead
  • fully understand them
  • offer solutions with specific suggestions to existing or forthcoming problems

At the next phase, by using the unique training tool OneIn4®, a registered mark of OTEAcademy, we develop completely specialized and targeted training programs, whose curriculum and duration meet the needs and the level of the trainees.

Together we add value to your work

OTEAcademy executives will visit you on a regular basis, because they will always have important reasons to meet with you.
Such as:

  • to exchange of information
  • to present innovation
  • to become updated on any developments
  • to offer solutions to your needs

The agenda of these meetings can include issues related to:

  • Telecommunications
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Retailing
  • Management
  • Certifications
  • Special issues
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